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10 Agencies given power to Spy on all computers and Data Storage Smart devices.

Previously it was allowed for agencies to tap and record calls and Emails. But the new order confirms the agencies have power to not only intercept sensitive information but also Seize the device if Required.

According to the latest orders Issued on Thursday by The Ministry of Home Affairs 10 Central Agencies now have the power to pry on any computer in the country. They now deserve the right to intercept, monitor and decrypt any information "Generated, Transmitted, Received or Stored".

The list of 10 companies are as Below:
1. Intelligence Bureau.
2. Narcotics Control Bureau.
3. Enforcement Directorate.
4. Central Board of Direct Taxes.
5. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence.
6. Central Bureau of Investigation.
7. National Investigation Agency.
8. Cabinet Secretariat (RAW).
9. Directorate of Signal Intelligence (J&K, North-East and Assam Only).
10. Commissioner of Police, Delhi.

Any Threat Perception to National Security or public order can lead government to not only monitor any citizen's online activities but also carry out searches and Seize any of the information stored in various device like (computer, mobile phones, tabs etc).

Disclaimer: All the information above is obtained form various news channels and online data and is correct upto our knowledge. Any of discrepancies or variations or change in governments decisions are not our responsibilites.