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Hurry! Only 14 dayz to go!!! Link your PAN with AADHAR before 31 March, And How..??

Since the Supreme court has declared the last date to link your PAN (Permanent account number) to your AADHAR (UIDAI Id) to be 31 March 2019. And that is important to file your Income Tax too. And if you haven't liked your PAN with your AADHAR then your incometax return will not be processed.
So without any delay, we should do it as soon as possible.
So here are two ways using which you can Link your PAN to your AADHAR card.

I. Using Income Tax Departments Website.
II. Using simple SMS technique.

I. Link your Aadhar with your PAN Using Income Tax Department's Website online:
Log on to the website of Income tax department
You will see screen like this.
Link PAN witH Aadhar

Now click on the Link Aadhar to link your PAN with Aadhar.
Another screen will Appear like this.

Here, Fill up all your detials. And click on Link Aadhar.
Your PAN will be Linked with your Aadhar.

II. Link your Aadhar With your PAN using SMS :
For this, You have to type message in your mobile with Format:
UIDPAN <aaaa aaaa aaaa> <pppppppppp>
"aaaa aaaa aaaa" represents your 12 Digit Aadhar Number
"pppppppppp" represents your 10 digit PAN number.
And send it to 567678 or 56161
UIDPAN 123456789101 ppppp1111p
123456789101 is ur Aadhar number
ppppp1111p is ur PAN number.
Remeber! Linking of your PAN with you AADHAR will only be successful if your details (Eg. Name spell, DOB etc) are Same in both the documents.
Or Else linkage with be unsuccessful.
In Case of Any Discrepancy in the documents, you can Update you PAN details on NSDL website before linking to AADHAR.
For Any correction regarding Aadhar Card
Visit UIDAI's website.
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