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SBI CUSTOMERS can Withdraw money of ATM without Debit or Credit Card | YONO Cardless cash See How!

YONO cash! Yes! India's Largest bank SBI had recently launched YONO cash service which will allow sbi customers to withdraw cash at selected ATMs across the country.
Updated App of YONO on your smartphone have YONO Cash option under the "Yono Pay"

All you have to do is:

Simply login to the Yono app.
Side Dropdown will show the YONO pay
Click on Yono Pay
Here you will see "YONO cash"
By using this Option, you can instantly withdraw cash from your accout using YONO cash transaction number and PIN At the nearest cardless transaction enabled SBI ATM.
LIMIT: One can withdraw a maximum of 10,000/- in a single transaction And 20,000/- in a day from SBI ATM.
Transaction number will be valid for 30 Minutes only. Within these 30 minutes you have to get you cardless cash from the selected ATM.
For getting the list of Cardless transaction Enabled SBI ATM near you, SBI YONO provides you the list by tracing your location.
To download YONO app from Google Play Store Click Here